MF PLUS Vegetal Placenta Total Skin Rejuvenation and Revitalisation Program Advanced Formula 2 is a skincare formulation drawn from the essence of plant placenta.
VP TSRRP AF2 bioactive ingredients nourish the skin with peptides and nutrients to stimulate growth and restore the skin health and radiance.




Cold-extraction Celluxinis™ proteolytic enzyme & Proprietary Infusion Technology

Beauty Drawn from Botany


100% Vegetal placenta extracts and botanical derivatives
Naturally whitens, improves and regenerates the skin and complexion
Available in Europe:
• Quad Strength 1600mg in 5ml vial
(packed in 5 or 10 vials per box)
Available in Rest of the World (except Europe):
• Quad Strength 1600mg in 5ml ampoule
• Single Strength 400mg in 4ml ampoule
(packed in 5 or 10 ampoules per box)

Use accordance to the recommended protocol only.

The Science of Balance and Equality

Vegetal Placenta — Total Skin Rejuvenation & Revitalisation Programme Advanced Formula 2 with Potent Whitening Effect

(VP TSRRP AF2) is the world’s only vegetal placental extract, enriched with stem cell bioactivators and filtered with the most advanced cellular extraction technology. Distinctively Swiss made, VP TSRRP AF2 is fully researched, developed, manufactured and approved in Switzerland. It adheres completely to the stringent world renowned Swiss GMP manufacturing standard and is approved by various authorities as the substitute for animal placenta extract in cellular therapy form.

Much like our mammal counterparts, plants do have embryos. The placenta of the plant is produced in the heart of their young buds where it nourishes the fruit of the plant during its growing stage. The plant placenta maintains a significant pool of phyto stem cells. These placenta phyto stem cells are the master cells which will divide and differentiate as they proliferate themselves to produce adequate number of cells to sustain growth or to repair tissues continuously.* Dermacenta™, our unique proprietary phyto biostimulating placenta ingredient, is extracted from a cellular culture of a rare species of non-GMO (non-genetically modified) yeast plant from France. Its bioactive extract ingredient is rich in bioactivators and amino acids, particularly Alanine and Proline.

** Proprietary blend of active minerals

When hydrolised by enzymes and bio-stimulants, Dermacenta™ in VP TSRRP AF2 is able to:

  • stimulate skin stem cells regeneration
  • accelerate cell growth
  • protect and repair skin cells against photo-aging and chronological aging
  • fortify immune system
  • whiten skin and reduce pigmentation and wrinkles
  • provide internal sun-shield
  • detoxify harmful foreign compounds and carcinogens
  • heal wounds
  • reduce inflammation
  • restore vitality
  • promote anti-aging properties

The result — A Total Rejuvenated and Regenerated You with radiant, fine and youthful skin.

Imprinted silicone showing MF Plus Vegetal Placenta Total Skin Rejuvenation & Revitalisation Programme Advanced Formula 2 before/after 3 weeks

Colour Variation – Darker skin tends to have larger melanin-making cells that produce more, larger, denser melanosomes, in comparison to lighter skin.

Melanocytes, located at the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis, is the pigment-producing cell in the skin that determines its colour. The pigment that melanocytes make is called melanin. The major determinant of colour is not the number but rather the activity of the melanocytes. Melanin production takes place in unique organelles in the cell known as melanosomes. Darkly pigmented skin have melanosomes that contain more melanin.


Ingredients Vegetal Placenta Human Placenta
Proline- hydroxyproline couple + Aspartic acid 817 243
Diamine acids 128 79
Sulphur amino acids >13 18
Leucine/isoleucine couple 119 68

Dermacenta™ vegetal placenta (VP – scientific code 511573) is prepared using vegetal placenta and tissue from plants at its earliest stage of life. The yeast cells are extracted using our proprietary cold-extraction Cryo-PRO™ proteolytic enzyme technology. This technology profile is achieved via a super ultra-filtration system to extract the precious phyto DNA Cellular components in its purest form. This unique process is able to preserve the placenta’s highly bioactive properties as it does not involve any form of heating. This is in contrast to all other placental brands in the market where intense heating of 125-185⁰C is involved in lyophilisation processes in order to reduce the placenta into dried powder form. Lyophilisation destroys the cellular structural walls of the membrane as it involves sudden vacuum pressure suction.

*Source: RIEMSCHNEIDER Randolph Er, Vegetal Placenta Extracts Substitute Animal Placenta Extracts, International Electronic Journal of Dermopharmacological Research, Dermopharmaceutical Technology and Related Cosmetic Subjects.

Legal Disclaimer: All information contained here is intended for informational and educational purposes. The information is not intended nor suited to be a substitute for professional medical treatment or for professional medical advice.

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