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Fresh & Pure 100% Natural Chemical Free Ecologically Produced Organic No Pyrogenic No Preservative Refrigerated

Mito Organelle (MO)*

Repairs Cell Viability

Regulate the cell viability and its ability to regain its normal metabolis.

Revitalizes Organs

As a result of regulating the cell function, potency of the peptides does not only repair the function of cells, but extends its power to repair the organ function.

Restores Anatomy

Organ specificity of MO peptides helps in restoring the normal organ structure with the revitalized cells.

Regenerates Systems

Regeneration of the system takes place when organs are revitalized, functions are repaired and anatomy is restored.

Regulates and Detoxifies

Some of the harmful radicals and ammonia undergo detox by the mitochondrial extracts.

Available Type:
Skin, Mesenchyme, Placenta, SPMCE 5 in 1 (Skin,Placenta,Mesenchyme,Collagen,Elastin), SCE, Male Revitalization 12 in 1, Female Revitalization 12 in 1, LPPSIMKE 7 in 1, Thymus, Immune + Extra with Spleen, Placenta-Male Specific, Placenta-Female Specific, Lymph nodes, Ovary, Testis, Peripheral Muscle, Kidney, Liver, Adrenal Cortex-Male Specific, Adrenal Cortex-Female Specific, Smooth Muscle, Stomach, Parasympathicus of Autonomous NS, Pituitary, Hypothalamus, CNS, Pancreas, Bone, Cartilage/Synovial, Lungs, LSI, Gingival, Bone Marrow, Blood, Spinal Cord, Heart, Eye, Intestine, Colon, Super Transfer Factor, Thyroid, Auditory System, Spleen, Fetal Totale, Artery, Pineal Gland, Fertility - MEM 5 in 1 (Testis x 2,Liver,Pituitary,Male Placenta), Fertility - FEM 5 in 1 (Ovary x 2,Liver,Pituitary,Female Placenta), Joint Flexibility (Bone + Cartilage / Synovia) , Memory & Alertness - ME 4 in 1 (Pituitary+Hippocampus+Frontal Lobe+Liver), Better Sleep - BS 3 in 1 (Pineal Gland,Liver,Parasympathetic,Nervous System), Better Vision- BV 3 in 1 (Ocular+Optic Nerve+Liver), Anti-Acne - AAC 4 in 1, Anti-Allergy - AA, Anti-Depression - AD, Anti-Asthma - Aas, Skin Problem - SP, Smokers Formula - SF (Extra Lung + Liver), Drinkers Formula - DF.
Available Set:
2.5ml X 5 vials (1200mg)
2.5ml X 10 vials (1200mg)

Use accordance to the recommended protocol only.

MO Repairs, Revitalizes, Restores, Regenerates, Regulates & Detoxes
While Ultrafiltrates (Nano Oral Peptides) Complements

MO vs Nano Oral Peptides (Ultrafiltrates)

While Ultrafiltrates play a major role in restoring the cell physiology, MO showed higher superiority in revitalizing the organs and restoring both their normal physiology and revitalization of the cells structure via its high specific contents and unique formula.

MO represents the top notch in biomolecular medicine today with its unique content and high efficacy that reach the efficacy of live cells.

(Left to right) Comparison between the protein content in Nano Oral Peptides (Ultrafiltrates) & MO showing superiority of the MO in the high protein content and the quality of the organelles.

What is MO?

Being a fusion of cellular therapy and mitochondrial medicine MO range of peptides extends the horizons of therapeutic rejuvenation and creates new opportunities for anti-aging and aesthetic practitioners. MO contains an immaculate mixture of cellular peptides, predominantly mitochondria-specific, extracted to ensure rapid cell regeneration and restoration of normal function.

Defying cell senescence, degeneration, aging, and disease

It is a constant and ongoing quest to defy aging and disease. Tremendous scientific breakthroughs have been made in understanding the mechanisms of aging and cell senescence in the last few decades, allowing researchers to link human longevity and health to mitochondrial function. Mitochondrial degeneration has been shown as the primary cause of age-related decline and concluded that tissues of a 70-year-old man contained 95% damaged mitochondria compared to almost no damage in that of a 5-year-old. Thousands of scientific reports relate defective mitochondria to virtually all degenerative disease including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and cancer.

Why Organ Specific?

Although contents are similar inside most of the cells, it still varies according to the function that cell performs. The cell’s morphology and function define differences in its ultrastructure, number and variety of organelles, and content of biologically active substances. Certain biologically active substances are predominantly accumulated or synthesized inside specific tissues. In order to deliver maximum efficacy, MO range still follows one of the main principles of cell therapy – “organ-to-organ”.

Difference in Peptide content and targeting organs leads to different function

The difference in function between the different cells in the body does not only depend on the number and shape of the cell organelles, but more importantly on the peptides signals that each one of them communicate with the other organelles to team up and perform the function that this cell is supposed to do.

Mitochondria receive signals from the nucleus in a form of peptides and multiple chemical substances that are subsequently used and utilized by mitochondria to modulate its activity to produce energy, regulate cell cycle, stimulate cell proliferation and regeneration, and prevent cell senescence, apoptosis and cell death.

As the aging occurs, the strength and volume of signals to mitochondria decline. Mitochondria takes it as an order to stop functioning and send signals back to the nucleus to arrest cell proliferation and initiate apoptosis and cell death.

Their key is to renew the strength of signals received by mitochondria, hence regenerate mitochondrial activity, and thus revitalize and rejuvenate cell and tissues as a whole. That is the main purpose and mechanism of action of MO range of peptides.

Image Source : Cell Biology & Histology 6th Edition

Difference in number and distribution of cell organelles in Brain cell (top) and Liver cell (bottom)
Image Source : Cell Biology & Histology 6th Edition

Structure of Mitochondria

  • Outer membrane: composed of phospholipid bilayers and proteins, contains enzymes controlling metabolism of fatty acids and oxidation;
  • Intermembrane space – contains cytochromes;
  • Inner membrane: contains proteins with five types of functions – performing oxidative phosphorylation, ATP synthase, transport-import proteins, mitochondrial fusion and fission, contains phospholipids, including cardiolipin;
  • Cristae: expanded surface – enhance ATP production, the bigger the cristae, the more energy is produced.
  • Matrix: 1500 peptides and proteins, ribosomes, 13 mitochondrial peptides, mtDNA consisting of 16,569 pairs of nucleotides, 22 tRNA, 2 RNA.

Mitochondrial function

  • Mitochondria is the “Power-plant” of the cell and its main function is ATP production.
  • Mitochondria is a site of pyruvate and the citric acid cycle (Kreb’s cycle), NAD production and oxidative phosphorylation (electron transport chain);
  • Mitochondria stores calcium ions and maintains its proper concentration inside the cell
  • Mitochondria is responsible for signaling inside the cell, regulates process of apoptosis, cellular proliferation, and cell death. Abnormal death of cell due to mitochondrial dysfunction can affect the function of entire organ.
  • Mitochondria is directly involved in lipids and carbohydrates metabolism, steroid hormones synthesis (including testosterone and estrogen), and synthesis of heme – hemoglobin’s parts.
  • The mitochondria in the hepatocytes contain enzymes that detoxify ammonia.

Image Source : Cell Biology & Histology 6th Edition

Benefits of MO

MITO ORGANELLES is a natural and safe range of products that complement therapies used in the management of the majority of pathologies and disorders: endocrine, metabolic, dysfunction of nervous system, cardiovascular pathology, fatty liver disease, immune deficiency, chronic kidney disease, and countless others. MO peptides can assist in boosting ATP synthesis, improve cellular respiration, growth, and reproduction, and hence optimize the function of the entire organism. MO effectively modulates metabolism at the subcellular level ensuing positive influence on content of cholesterol and triglycerides in blood, increase sensitivity of cells to insulin, eliminate products of chronic oxidative stress, and restore adequate mitochondria-to-nuclear signaling (The mitochondrial-derived peptide promotes metabolic homeostasis and reduces obesity and insulin resistance” Cell Metabolism. 2015 March; 21(3): 443-454. UCLA, USA). MO peptides stimulate and mimic the retrograde signaling pathway from the mitochondria to the nucleus, which is distinct from mitochondrial signaling pathways, hence antagonizing pro-apoptotic Bax-related peptides and IGF binding protein. Aberrations in mitoDNA cause imbalance in mitogenic signaling that promotes cellular senescence and oncogenesis (Buck Institute for Research on Aging Novato, California, USA. Aging, Cellular Senescence, and Cancer. Ann. Rev. Physiol. 2013; 75:685-705). MO helps to restore the normal content of peptides and modulates the signaling inside the cell.

Continuous administration of MO for 3-4 months essentially enhances production of Humanin – a potent neuroprotective factor antagonizing Alzheimer’s disease. Small Humanin-like peptides, which also belong to the mitochondrial group of peptides, have to cyto-protective role. The decline of these peptides that occurs with age promotes aging and age-related disease progression, reduces insulin sensitivity, and promotes expression of metabolic and inflammatory markers (Laura Cobb et. Al. UCLA, USA. Naturally occurring mitochondrial-derived peptides are age-dependent regulators of apoptosis, insulin sensitivity, and inflammatory markers. Aging, April 2016, Vol. 8 No.4. 796-809).

Safety Overall MO range is a very safe product. Allergic reactions are quite rarely reported. Even if occur, are mild and easy to control by a trained doctor.

Image Source : Cell Biology & Histology 6th Edition


Safety Overall MO range is a very safe product. Allergic reactions are quite rarely reported. Even if occur, are mild and easy to control by a trained doctor.

Elimination from the Body

The main route of elimination is the kidney which eliminates the full dose within 18 hours. However, studies show that in nephrectomised animals, there is another pathway for elimination as effective as the kidney (neutrophil mediated elimination).

Renal Clearance

  • Rapid excretion via the kidneys
  • Dependent on kidney function

Neutrophil-Mediated Clearance

  • Internalisation and degradation of the G-CSF/receptor complexes in the cell
  • Dependent of neutrophil count

Legal Disclaimer: All information contained here is intended for informational and educational purposes. The information is not intended nor suited to be a substitute for professional medical treatment or for professional medical advice.

“Age is a major risk factor for an enormous number of diseases. With MO cell extracts you can significantly postpone aging, have powerful beneficial outcomes on a broad variety of diseases, and achieve spectacular revitalization effects. MO opens a new era in Biomolecular medicine and rejuvenation.”

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