[*Free E-Workshop] Hair Restoration Solutions

FREE E-Workshop For Clinicians on Hair Restoration Solutions

[*Free E-Workshop] Hair Restoration Solutions

*FREE E-Workshop For Clinicians on Hair Restoration Solutions
By Dr Volodymyr Chernykh, Aesthetician-Dermatologist.

U.S.A./WEST Date
2nd July 2020 Thursday

a. GMT 0200 a.m. [3rd July]
b. PDT 1900 p.m (7.00PM) [2nd July]
c. EDT 2200 p.m (10.00PM) [2nd July]
d. Bangkok 0900 a.m. (9.00AM) [3rd July]
e. Malaysian Time 1000 a.m – 1300 p.m [3rd July]

3rd July 2020, Friday

a. Malaysia 1500 p.m – 1800 p.m [3rd July]
b. GMT 0700 – 1000 a.m [3rd July]
c. PDT 0000 – 0300 a.m. [3rd July]
d. EDT 0300 – 0600 a.m. [3rd July]
e. Bangkok 1400 – 1700 p.m [3rd July]

HFR Extracts
*The above E-workshop is complimentary with the minimum purchase of two (2) boxes of MF PLUS Hair Follicle Regenerator (HFR) Extract for one (1) person. On top of that, you will also receive a USD250 discount voucher for the next hands-on clinical EWA Workshop.
*Special offer for E-Workshop access only:
E-Workshop/pax = USD250 now USD199

For more information, please email info@sbi-europe.com.

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