[*Free E-Workshop] Male Sexual Dysfunction

[*Free E-Workshop] Male Sexual Dysfunction

[*Free E-Workshop] Male Sexual Dysfunction

*FREE E-Workshop For Clinicians on Male Sexual Dysfunction By
Dr Dmytro Klokol, MD, PhD.  

U.S.A./WEST Date
24th June 2020 Wednesday

a. GMT 0200 a.m [25th June]
b. PDT 1900 p.m (7.00PM) [24th June]
c. EDT 2200 p.m (10.00PM) [24th June]
d. Bangkok 0900 a.m (9.00AM) [25th June]
e. Malaysian Time 1000 a.m – 1300 p.m [25th June]

25th June 2020 Thursday

a. Malaysia 1500 p.m – 1800 p.m [25th June]
b. GMT 0700 – 1000 a.m [25th June]
c. PDT 0000 – 0300 a.m [25th June]
d. EDT 0300 – 0600 a.m [25th June]
e. Bangkok 1400 – 1700 p.m [25th June]


*The above E-workshop is complimentary with the minimum purchase of two (2) boxes of MF PLUS Mito Organelles (MO) Male Rejuvenation 12 in 1 for one (1) person. On top of that, you will also receive a USD250 discount voucher for the next hands-on clinical EWA Workshop.

*Special offer for E-Workshop access only:
E-Workshop/pax = USD250 now USD199

For more information, please email info@sbi-europe.com.

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